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Some cool craft beer brewing images:

craft beer brewing
Image by Miguel Discart Photos Vrac 2
BelgiBeer – BBD – Grain d’orge

Brasserie : Grain d’orge
In 1997, Benoit Johnen took over the coffee shop from his native village in Hombourg. He was already very passionate about the arts of brewing since his first job at the brewery Piron d’Aubel where he uncovered his passion for craft beers. It was with his wife Viviane that he bought a coffee shop and a few years later his own brewing equipment. Sometimes he manufactured his own to meet his demanding standards.

* The Pom
see beer : londe, clear and shiny
smell beer : Green apple aroma
taste beer : Slightly sweet and fruity taste
Type: Belgian Blonde

* Aubel Pure
see beer : right blond, with a dense head
smell beer : Floral and herbal due to its hops
taste beer : Well defined bitterness that fades away in the mouth. The herbal and fruity taste comes from the Belgian cascade hops
Type: Belgian Blonde

* Aubel Triple
see beer : lond beer, well defined white head
smell beer : Flowery at the nose, exotic, rounded, hopped
taste beer : Exotic with a sense of coriander
Type: Belgian Blonde

* L’immortelle 2017 Edition
see beer : Dark-amber, nice foamy head
smell beer : Vanilla
taste beer : Roasted malts, musky, alcohol taste but, long taste in the mouth
Type: Stout

( BelgiBeer vous devoile le veritable patrimoine belge, reconnu mondialement pour la qualite et la variete de ses produits, mais pourtant largement meconnu du grand public !

BelgiBeer, des Box bieres 100% artisanales !

Dans nos box bieres, nous mettons pour vous chaque mois le meilleur des petites et moyennes brasseries belges, que nous allons chercher directement chez elles. Chaque mois, BelgiBeer vous fait decouvrir une brasserie artisanale differente. )

Shipyard Brewing Pugsley’s Signature Series Smashed Pumpkin
craft beer brewing
Image by walknboston

2012 Bones & Brew Festival
craft beer brewing
Image by Rogue Ales
The 18th Annual Bones and Brew Festival was held August 4 & 5, 2012. Hot temperatures didn’t detour people from coming to this year’s family and dog-friendly event in a celebration of the American Backyard BBQ. The weekends activities consisted of BBQ vendors, a BBQ contest, Kobe Bleu Ball eating contest, Dog Vendors, Kids Corn Eating Contest, and 30+ Microbreweries. Benefits from the event were given to the Oregon Zoo.

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