A Craft-Beer Tour of Chicago

By | September 8, 2017

There are few better places in the country to drink beer than Chicago. From trailblazers like Goose Island (still making good beer under the Anheuser-Busch banner), to new-school game-changers like the Latin America-inspired 5 Rabbit Cervecería, the city cares about great brewing—and its people know how to throw down.

Recently, we sent Complex News host/turn-up specialist Sean Evans on a tour of some of Chi-Town’s finest brewpubs and bars to see what the local beer scene is all about. The highlights included the following:

DryHop Brewers, 3155 N Broadway St (773-857-3155, dryhopchicago.com)
Sheffield’s, 3258 N Sheffield Ave (773-281-4989, sheffieldschicago.com)
Revolution Brewing, 3340 North Kedzie Ave (773-588-2267, revbrew.com)
Piece Brewery and Pizzeria, 1927 W North Ave (773-772-4422, piecechicago.com)
Vice District Brewing Co., 1454 S Michigan Ave (312-291-9022, vicedistrictbrewing.com)
Watch the video above to learn about Chicago beer history, meet the city’s brewers, and find out how hard Sean likes to brunch (hint: hard as hell).

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17 thoughts on “A Craft-Beer Tour of Chicago

  1. Shannon Kendrick

    That's how you serve a beer! Very little head. Just enough to smell the goodness and not fuck up my stache.

  2. William Loes

    Great video!

    One note: take a link out of your watch. Noticed that when you were at Sheffield's it was slipping down!

    Enjoyed the video!

  3. Brew Review Crew - Craft Beer Reviews

    Absolutely love Chicago breweries.  It might not be the most intense beer ever, but every time I go to Chicago I have to pick up some Daisy Cutter.  Good Video!

  4. Sydney Ensemble Hunter Valley Strings

    so the only sugar added is the carbonation drops? What would the ABV be approximately?

  5. mihailovic ugljesa

    can i use my DIY COOPERS KIT to make coopers craft seriers beer

  6. Damien Fletcher

    Ale yeast is at its best between 18c-20c and never use table sugar or dextrose.


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