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By | September 13, 2017

Brad shows how to develop all grain recipes. At Northern Brewer we work on new beer flavors that are either copies of popular craft beers, or original creations that we know you will enjoy.

There are a ton of malts out there. Malts create many of the characteristics that you enjoy. Brad shows the differences in some of the specialty malts that you might use in creating your own personal beer.


20 thoughts on “All-Grain Recipe Design Brewing TV

  1. Lord Bustanut

    This has been an immense help, ty sooo much for taking the time to share this info!! This has been a gift sent for me since I am in the process of going from beer kits to all grain.

  2. Victor Acevedo

    Can i brew a beer with each of the malt types for taste all the flavors and characteristics that every single type gives me ?? or they need to be mixed in order to make a beer ??

  3. Kori114

    But you haven't explained how I go from desired IBUs to figure out how many oz and how long to use each hop.
    For example: If I have an OG of 1.060, and want a BU:GU ratio of 0.75, with hops that have an Alpha of 2.60%, how much and when do I use them? There is no explanation of this!
    You could have at least said that it's complicated and referred us to something else… But you guys presented it as though you were actually explaining it to us, from what you said I have no way to know if you're right about how much and how long to put those hops, I just have to take your word for it.

  4. Marky Martinez

    i like something like a hef or just a nice blonde. what would be a good start.
    grain and hope wise

  5. KFColonelSanders

    I hadn't heard about the BU:GU ratio, that's a cool little formula I'll have to keep in mind.

  6. Marc Garcia

    brad you were not very clear on the amount of centennial and cascade hops for flavor you said a mixture of them were used could you tell me the amounts a i would like to try that recipe

  7. iLoveTurtlesHaha

    Damn, so much information. I'm going to have to watch this 10 times before I make my first batch of beer. This guy is pretty cool, very clear and great presenter.

  8. Randall Schoverling

    This is where I'm at as a home brewer. I'm trying to figure out the diastatic power of each grain to create a viable bill.

  9. specialized41

    Nice info about grains, but need to add a link to the group of basic Malts.
    To the light ones,
    Mid-tones and flavors,
    and to the dark ones.
    Make easy for a new brewers.
    Nice Video!!!!

  10. waynehead24

    yes yes yes been looking for something a little more in depth with the flavors like this

  11. Carl Gonzo

    How does this affect the alcohol content? are all these beers going to be right around 5-6% vol? and is that a typical ~10 lbs of grain to 5 gallons?

  12. Will Schmit

    Brad, I have been brewing for 30 years, and I had never heard of the BU:GU formula. Sure, I innately know that IBUs and malt affect balance. After my friends ooo and aah about "brew pub" beers, (which in my opinion are almost all overhopped), I give them balanced beers, and they have renewed appreciation of classic beer styles. This is a great tool – I am going to redesign my brew sheets, and leave a box for the BU:GU number…

  13. Erik Nibbles

    Dude seems a bit nervous. Everything is "really just a little bit to give it a nice something." But a good bit of information nonetheless.

  14. Mark Wood

    Good video, have been brewing for about 3 years now and still learned a little. I pretty much make all of my recipes in BeerSmith and then make notes about what I liked or disliked about them, sometimes just delete but so far only a couple deletions. Thx for the post.


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