Beer School: how is sour beer made? | The Craft Beer Channel

By | September 7, 2017

Beer School: how is sour beer made? | The Craft Beer Channel

Jonny travels to Belgium to meet the men who make the world’s best sour beers, including the world famous Cantillon.

Sour beers may be an acquired taste, but they are one seriously worth acquiring. They were the first beers ever brewed so every beer owes it a debt – here’s how they are made. Now pucker up and give them their due.

As in the video, here are our favourite sour beer breweries (in no particular order):

Wild Beer Co
Russian River
New Belgium
Siren Craft Brew
Celtic Experience
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20 thoughts on “Beer School: how is sour beer made? | The Craft Beer Channel

  1. Jens Bøttcher

    Hey guys. Would have been nice if you had added subtitles, because sometimes it was really hard to hear what was said. 🙂 Nice video otherwise.

  2. Grey Eagle

    These are the kind of videos I like best from TCBC. A beer destination trip and a lesson in beer history. From a home brewers standpoint this was a very well made tutorial about the Belgian Lambic traditions. Thanks

  3. Brewery Life

    Great beer videos man! Interested in brewing as a career? Check out my New Channel for Commercial Brewing questions/techniques, cheers!

  4. john olmos

    Had my first sour the other day, it made me crave more. They're kind of difficult to find in the basic grocery stores though.

  5. Randall Schoverling

    Are you not supposed to use a charred barrel for aging sours?

  6. Austin White

    Excellent video. I just stopped by the Rare Barrel in Berkeley CA today and sampled some great sours! I highly recommend going there if you're ever in the area.

  7. Mark Sniadecki

    Upland Brewery (based in Bloomington, Indiana) produces a variety of sour beers, and recently opened a new facility especially for them.

  8. spiff2268

    OK, look, I love beer and I do a lot of home brewing. Nobody loves a good beer more than me. But I tried a sour beer awhile back, and I can see why people quit drinking them many years ago. I can't remember the name of it, but it was supposed to be one of the good ones. Now if you have the taste for sour beer then more power to ya. As for me, I'm gonna take a pass.

  9. dannyzep92

    One if my first Ventures into European craft beer was a sour beer from Germany and it tasted like a pickle haha my palate wasn't ready for it.

  10. Whiskey River

    Cantillon…………"nearly" impossible to find in the States; but a good friend in NYC turned me on to some of their Rose de Gambrinus last year. Exquisitely marvelous, and enjoyable to the extreme. My next road trip needs to be to Belgium, my favorite beer brewers; well, next to Yorkshire that is……. LOL!!! Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs, and Crooked Stave in Denver, come as close as I've ever tasted, to a true Belgian sour. If you're ever in their area, you must give them a visit. Cheers!

  11. TVinmyEye

    im actually drinking that Almanac Dog Patch sour its fucking incredible.


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