Brew fresh local craft beer at home

By | September 6, 2017

Hello, we’re MiniBrew

We’ve created the first system to let you brew fresh local craft beer anywhere, anytime. MiniBrew lets you start with zero experience and be successful from the beginning. You can never go wrong. It’s for anyone who want their wheat beers, pale ales’s, dubbel Bock, IPA’s, or even stouts fresh.

The App helps you to discover new beer styles that match your mood and order the ingredients to be deliver to your doorstep. You’ve got everything you need to brew, ferment and tap in a compact and affordable package. No additional drinking keg or equipment needed. You can take the portable keg directly to friends to pour your own fresh made craft beer, chilled to the perfect tap temperature.

Are you ready to stimulate your brewing ingenuity with tasty experiences? We can’t wait to see you joining us.
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11 thoughts on “Brew fresh local craft beer at home

  1. Richard Luzum

    How is sediment handled after fermentation?
    Once it's done fermenting is there a cO2 system for carbonation/pressure?
    Obviously the smart keg heats the brew, but does it also keep it refrigerated on it's own?

  2. masterflava

    can you please answer me to this questions before i suport something that i don't know to much ?

    1. what is the time for fermentation process ?
    2. after the fermentation is done, in how many time you need to drink/use all the beer. I mean, there is a after period when staying more on fermentation process can alterate the beer taste ? Or like, if i forget about the beer machine..
    3. how you clean after ?
    4. the presure of beer coming out… is still ok, when the beer inside is almost done ?


  3. Old Norse brewery

    Another pico brew or williamswarn micro kitchen brewer mashine

  4. Voyshick

    How do you remove yeasts from the keg? Or actually you dont remove at all?

  5. DC Lambert

    If it was closer to $500-600 id buy it, but at $900 ill keep doing it the way i have been for years

  6. Jonathan Cunningham

    The volume levels on the background music are too loud/the presenters are too soft. It's hard to understand the presenters. I would choose a more neutral background music track that is less distracting with the drums.


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