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By | August 20, 2017

Brewing a Grapefruit IPA at Camden Town Brewery


Jonny and his favourite beer nerds were invited to brew a Grapefruit IPA with Camden Town Brewery. Watch the chaos unfold!

The end beer, called the Juicy Banger, is a 7% IPA made with grapefruit zest, Magnum, Amarillo, Citra and Centennial hops. You can try it at Camden Town Brewery on 9 January!

Chris Hall’s blog:
Matt Curtis’s blog:
Camden Town Brewery:
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19 thoughts on “Brewing a Grapefruit IPA at Camden Town Brewery | The Craft Beer Channel

  1. Armchair Revolutionary

    Why is this bloke trying to act like Bruno? I cannot continue to watch.

  2. Ron Grovis

    John L. this is a very good video. I liked when the guy mentioned the Amarillo hop being Citrusy, very good.

  3. MegaGouch

    Why is that woman wearing a Canada Goose jacket??
    Not sure it would ever get cold enough to warrant that jacket in London.

  4. plotyourdownfall

    Can you make a porter or a mild using bramlings x cross, goldings, phoenix, flyer hops, rye, and crystal malts.

  5. ThrilledbySpace

    couldn't get passed the first 40 secs. way too annoying and unfunny..

  6. Cased God

    This guy is so unfunny, really takes away from the whole thing.

  7. thepike100

    I can't watch this, he's too annoying. I just wanted to know how to make grapefruit beer.

  8. Josh Whitaker

    Matt Curtis looks like Jorma Taccone from The Lonely Island.

  9. jcbarnhart77

    It's a shame this place is now owned by Budweiser / inbev. I was in London April of last year and wanted to stop by this place but couldn't fit it into the schedule. The Fullers tour was really fun though and Brew dogs make excellent beer. .

  10. Race Frazier

    Mammoth jack IPA from skooum brewery has a huge grapefruit character with loads of hoppy bitterness. One of my top IPAs


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