Brewing a samphire gose with St Austell! | The Craft Beer Channel

By | September 14, 2017

If you thought German beer was all lagers and wheat beers think again! We head to St Austell in Cornwall to brew a gose – a salty sour mash beer with a (not-so) secret ingredient! For such an unusual beer, goses are very drinkable indeed, and so is Steady As She Gose.

Sorry about the sound during the first 2 mins – our mic got beer in it.

Camera and samphire tearing work done by the endlessly beautiful Heather Adlington.

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Remember to drink responsibly(ish) and not be that guy…
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27 thoughts on “Brewing a samphire gose with St Austell! | The Craft Beer Channel

  1. The Full Mug

    I didn't risked being run over by a car! I wish I could try that beer. With kind of see weed. Cheers

  2. Jon

    Steam beer? Should have called it a Cornish Common 😉

    Interesting stuff from St Austell – I always see them as a more traditional ale brewery (Tribute etc) and nothing wrong with that, but it's great they are getting experimental.

  3. 3sAcrowd Brewing

    Sounds like a great mix 👍🏻 I'm down that way in a few weeks might have to pop in & see St Austell Brewery, cheers Chris

  4. CraftCrü Dude1203

    Mmmmmmm nothing like a delicious salty sweet Gose with some Mellon to make a beach day go smooth!

  5. Hoiafar

    I've never heard of that grass before, how's it spelled?

    Figured it out. It's Samphire.

  6. Nigel McKeown

    Love seeing the Concept 2 rower included in brewing……………….great show

  7. Kenny B

    I LOVE Ten Fidy!!!!!!!! I can't get enough of this Magic Liquid in a can!!!!!!

  8. Aaron Gladki

    Seriously, one of the best beer-related videos I've seen on YouTube.  Fantastic work, guys.  Subscription +1.

  9. David Henney

    Awesome video. Just what I like to see. Not your average brewery tour. Cheers!

  10. reallyrandom222

    I just tried a sampler from their brewery recently and was I impressed! Great quality American beer with smooth finishes on all of them. Two thumbs up Oskar Blues!


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