Brewing with Brewdog: Peach Therapy | The Craft Beer Channel

By | September 5, 2017

Jonny & the Brad had the honour of designing a beer with Brewdog. Together with bloggers Matt Curtis, Adrian Tierney-Jones and the professionals we made a sour Belgian tripel with peaches and apricots.

But it nearly went very wrong indeed…

Thanks for Matt Curtis of for the profile pic!

* DISCLAIMER: Brewdog paid for our trip up as well as hotels, and a fancy dinner.

Raspberry Pi used to brew DIY Craft-Beer

In this Video i will tell you a little bit about how i made beer with my Raspberry Pi.

Link to the Software and Hardware:

28 thoughts on “Brewing with Brewdog: Peach Therapy | The Craft Beer Channel

  1. Peter Franklin

    hey, lets just play annoying loud music over this already barely comprehensible guy so no one can understand any of the actual information in the video. wooo.

  2. SailingMountaineer

    I had a mash like that recently at our Brew pub. What ended up happening was that we were sent Acid malt in Pils Malt bags, so we actually added close to 300lbs of Acid malt in place of Pils. It was that exact texture. We took a pH and it was about a 3.0 pH. The Mash was stuck for close on 8 hours before we figured it out and immediately called our Malt supplier.

  3. D. Jackson II

    Awesome company. They make great beer. I went to one of their brew pubs in Scotland and it was great. Cool guys and they seem to have successfully communicated their philosophy of "no asshole-ness" to the entire staff. I wonder if other craft brewers reach out to bloggers…

  4. Michael Strasser

    Chateau (________) hops?  I am unfamiliar with that.  What is the correct spelling so I can do some research on these hops?

  5. George

    Rad! You guys should make plans for the Kent Green Hop festival this year. It's the Beaujolais nouveau of beer made from fresh hops picked hours before adding to the brew.

  6. JibBandits

    Just out of curiosity, were the shipping containers full of hops refrigerated? Or is it cold enough there in Scotland to not need a reefer unit?

  7. sofakingdrunk66

    Did you Parachute into Scotland Lad lol…Brew Dog colab brew i tip my hat to you Sir.. I hope you got to name it?

  8. TheFlatulentCow

    You used Muntons pale malt first try: I'm about to brew with that, be surprised if that was malt related  Lets see.

  9. Ole P.

    Ok, just tell me who I need to kill/screw/bribe to get a bottle or two of that. Sounds so bloody intriguing, and as a Brewdog fanboy I need that….but I am not in the UK. =(

  10. diyhomebrewguy

    I wish I had the technical ability to build something like this. Amazing work!

  11. Kastanja

    Hey, very nice setup! I though hooking up a motor to ease the process would be hard but I think it might be a whole lot easier than I thought. What sort of kettle were you using? A local German brewmaster recommended one of these machines used to make large amount of hot drinks but I am a bit skeptical as he had not used one before. This brand to be precise

  12. Robin Shepheard

    Just had this video come up in my feed. Nicely done. I love the RPi in the terminal housing. You have provided a good explanation of both the basics of using the RPi to help being and the basics of making beer.

    I am planning on making myself something similar and plan on looking at Mash Berry and BrewPi.

  13. umesh chavan

    "it add the alcohol, which is always good" 🙂 Loved your video Thomas. Thanks for posting

  14. Tsc Tempest

    The most interesting thing here for me is your interface (old computer) with the Raspberry Pi. You glossed over it, briefly but would love to se an explanation video of how you raspberry pi'ed your old computer. Nice one!

  15. Alex Foster

    Very interesting idea. I would have liked to have seen how you set up your pi to work as a temperature controller. Ich hoffe dass das Bier schmeckt!


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