Chop & Brew | Americans React to Irish Craft Beer

By | September 14, 2017

Episode 61: Chip and Don go to work on a short flight of Irish craft beer presented by Brian Condron from the Irish Craft Beer Show. Beers include Yellowbelly Lager, Yellowbelly Castaway Passionfruit Sour, and Whiplash Brewing Company’s Surrender to the Void (Beoir Beer of the Year 2017). We discuss the Irish craft beer scene including bits and bobs on lagers, sours, and high-hop beers. [Original postdate: July 4, 2017]

Irish Craft Beer Show:

Yellowbelly Beer:


Whiplash Brewing Company:

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11 thoughts on “Chop & Brew | Americans React to Irish Craft Beer

  1. Micah Cerasani

    hey Chip– I've been watching the show since you were filming for brewing tv. actually I commented on one of your earliest chop and brew shows and you vented a bit about some of those past experiences, so im kinda sorry to bring it up. anyway, im in Korea now and am returning to Colorado soon. was wondering about how I should transport some awesome yeast back to the states from here. any pointers? what might Dawson say? I wish I could email him directly–hint hint–just kidding. seriously–keep up the awesome work!

  2. Backwood Boondock Brewview

    Good Review…POP A TOP…my wife's allergic to Passion Fruit…just found that out!

  3. Barley and the Hops TV

    The synchronicity sip at 13:29 was well executed…Don O bailing last minute though lowered the overall score

  4. Tim Gallagher

    Fantastic episode. I was just in Ireland two months ago. I traveled 1100 miles (1800 km 🙂 ) and tried to sample as many craft beers as possible. My take on the Irish beer scene is as follows. It's nowhere near what we have in the states we're spoiled. Their IPAs have a significantly lower abv and I felt that impacted the body and flavor of the beers (smaller grain bill and OG). I spoke to a brewer from Blacks of Kinsale and asked about this and he stated that they are taxed more for beers higher in alcohol. Also, it is illegal to sell beers from the brewery location itself. So they sell "tours" of the brewery and you get samples included in the tour. He stated that they are working to change these laws. This was a big bummer for me as I love to go to small local breweries and try their beers and drink on the spot. I feel like their beer scene is about 6-8 years behind what we have in the states, but hopefully they will have less growing pains than we did.

    8 degree was mentioned, I thought their beers were solid and on par with American IPAs (it's my favorite style) but many of the other IPAs couldn't touch what we get here.

  5. Jarastlad

    Interesting remark about Belgium, America and Sours. I'm Belgian and I've travelled quite a bit, and it's interesting to witness that there's some kind of retro-response from the US in Belgium. Some beers we'll keep making the same way we've been doing them for hundreds of years, but others have been vastly influenced by the states, namely the IPA's. I think that anything that the US can put their hands on is then "publicized" a lot better in the world and in return changes the entire beer scene !

    Ireland makes tremendously good beers, keep the good work boys !

  6. Alf Torp

    Having lived in Ireland for 3 years, I now feel I am missing out on the new Irish beer scene having moved back to Norway…

  7. Jimmy Faseler

    What a coincidence! I was binge watching Irish people try stuff and decided to check my subscriptions before getting off the internet.

  8. Fred Buehl

    Another great episode. I love the shout-out to Fritz. Growing up that was my nickname ( my mother reminds me every time I visit). With respect to the sour, some beers are destined to be a 12 / 16 oz and done. But those type beer still make me want them. Buy a six-pack and really enjoy them over time. Have to give a shout out to Upland Brewery Bloomington Indiana dragonfly IPA. 3 pints deep


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