Cool Craft Beer Brewing images

By | July 10, 2018

Some cool craft beer brewing images:

DraughtLab app: Aroma
craft beer brewing
Image by cizauskas
▶ Screenshot of DraughtLab Android application.
▶ More pics here.

"Starting a sensory program is a quick and cost-effective way to improve the quality and consistency of beer. Powered by the Beer Flavor Map and sensory practices that are backed by science and have been successfully used in the industry for years, the DraughtLab Describe Your Beer tool for Android and iPhone will help build flavor profiles as the first step towards product-release testing and troubleshooting.

The founders of DraughtLab —Dr. Nicole Garneau, PhD, a geneticist at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and Lindsay Barr, MS, sensory specialist at New Belgium Brewing— say the current iteration is likely only the beginning. They want to build algorithms into advanced pro versions that could make data brewers receive from panels even easier to digest."

The Beer Flavor Map — revealed at the Craft Brewers Conference in April 2016— provides a common language for users to identify and thoroughly describe a wide range of possible beer flavors. The Map is an update to the Beer Flavor Wheel, first created by brewing chemist Morten Meilgaard in 1979.

Photo by Yours For Good
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10/15/2015 Third Thursday: Artoberfest
craft beer brewing
Image by Minneapolis Institute of Art
We toasted to the art of beer. We connected with The Growler and cover artist DWITT. We tasted art-inspired brews from local breweries: Wabasha Brewing Company, Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Fulton Beer, and Bad Weather Brewing Company. We met the brewers and heard about the inspired infusions. We posed in the “Prost” Photobooth. We toured beer steins and drinking vessels in the museum’s collection. We made beer-inspired arts & crafts. We enjoyed live music from Tropical Depression. And, as always, it was all FREE!

Five Boroughs Brewing Hoppy Lager
craft beer brewing
Image by found_drama

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