Cool Craft Beer Brewing images

By | August 17, 2018

Some cool craft beer brewing images:

Plaid for Portland (02)
craft beer brewing
Image by cizauskas
"You’ll need plaid in Portland." Allen Young (r) roasts guest-of-honor Nick Funnell.

Young is a representative for BSG, a supplier to ‘craft’ breweries. In the past, among other positions, he was the executive brewer for the Gordon-Biersch mid-Atlantic region, and a brewer at the region’s very first ‘craft’ brewery, Chesbay (1984-1988).

Lauging is emcee, Bob Tupper —owner of Tuppers Beers.

Brewers, beer industry members, and good-beer fans in the mid-Atlantic area gathered at Mad Fox Brewing to roast (and bid farewell to) Nick Funnell, a British-trained brewer who, for 17 1/2 years, had been the executive brewmaster for Sweetwater Taverns in northern Virginia. In addition to winning numerous awards, Funnell trained many brewers who went on to success at Sweetwater and elsewhere.

Funnell leaves for Portland, Oregon, where he will sell brewing supplies for BSG Craft. More: here.

Mad Fox Brewing Company
30 January 2014.
Falls Church, Virginia.

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The first sample
craft beer brewing
Image by fatherspoon

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