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By | September 1, 2017

Check out these craft beer brewing images:

Bath Brew House
craft beer brewing
Image by Angel Ganev
There’s something for everyone at The Bath Brew House. Of course there’s our fantastic Brewery, huge Main Bar with carefully chosen local and international Craft and Cask Beers, Open Kitchen with Charcoal Spit, Smokehouse for curing and smoking anything we can think of, huge Sun-trap Garden with an outside Bar and BBQ

Beer From the Expert’s Viewpoint
craft beer brewing
Image by cizauskas
Beer From the Expert’s Viewpoint

Authors: Arnold Spencer Wahl, Robert Wahl
Hardcover: 509 pages
Publisher: Wahl Institute, Chicago. (1937)
Reprint: Cleveland, Ohio. (2014)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9819282-0-3

Back cover: here.

▶ "With the repeal of National Prohibition in 1933, the Wahl Institute in Chicago sprang to life. Chemist Robert Wahl, along with son Arnold Spencer Wahl, resumed the in-depth study of brewing science for which the Institute had become famous before Prohibition. In 1937, the Wahls published this book, the first of what was intended to be a 4-volume set designed to educate a new generation of American brewmasters. The Wahls believed that history was critical to a full understanding of beer. So, the topics of modern brewing are presented within a strong historical context, aided by more than 60 illustrations. Intermingled with those discussions are many of the elder Wahl’s personal recollections of the pre-Prohibition heyday of brewing — giving a rare first-person account of the history of American beer styles, ingredients, brewing methods, and more."

▶ "The Wahl-Henius Institute was a brewing research laboratory and school in Chicago that operated between 1886 and 1921. Founded in 1886 by Dr Robert Wahl and Dr Max Henius as the Wahl & Henius, the name was changed to the Scientific Station for Brewing of Chicago and then to the Institute of Fermentology before becoming the Wahl-Henius Institute. Its educational division, the American Brewing Academy, was created in 1891.

The school and laboratory operated successfully until Prohibition, when the near dissolution of the brewing trade forced its closure and sale to the American Institute of Baking, which retains the nucleus of the Wahl-Henius library.

The Wahl-Henius Handy Book of Brewing, Malting and the Auxillary Trades, coauthored by Wahl and Henius [in 1901], is a comprehensive and wide-ranging view into American brewing [of the time]. It also contains basic chemical analyses of many contemporary American and European beers, providing an unusually valuable window into the brewing past."
—Randy Mosher
Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine.

Photo by Yours For Good
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Popcorn beer
craft beer brewing
Image by cizauskas
I chuckled bemusingly as I recently read of a local ‘craft’ brewery proudly announcing its production of a beer made with popcorn.

6 July 2017.

Hasn’t CRAFT BEER (writ large), over its five-decade history, furiously condemned corn-in-beer as an unwholesome, cheapening (and cheap) adulterant, blatantly (ab)used only by nefarious MEGA-BREW?

Popcorn is associated with its ubiquitous flavoring, artificial butter. Scientifically (and thus un-art-fully) known as diacetyl, this is an aroma furiously abhorred by MEGA-BREW in its beers. Criss-cross, is diacetyl, accidental or purposeful, thus the moral domain of CRAFT BEERs (writ large)?

▶ Not having tasted the beer in question, I’ve left it unnamed. The point was the larger irony and ‘moral’ ambiguity. A prohibition on corn has long been one of the Brewers Association’s three pillars in their definition of a ‘craft’ brewery. Recently changed, that definition now delineates ‘craft’ brewery more as a measure of annual production.

▶ YFGF has long been an advocate for maize as a toothsome, uber-traditional ingredient in American beer. Here, from twenty years ago: "Praise the maize; don’t scorn the corn."

▶ As Fun Boy Three sang (with Bananarama) in 1982, "It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it. And that’s what gets results." Of course, they had borrowed that from Ella Fitzgerald, who sang, in 1939, " ‘Tain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It)."

▶ The photo is a free-to-use stock photo, retouched.

▶ Image uploaded by Yours For Good
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