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By | December 2, 2017

A few nice craft beer brewing images I found:

Maureen O’Prey: “Why Beer History?”
craft beer brewing
Image by cizauskas
Baltimore, Maryland-based beer historian, Maureen O’Prey, contributed an essay entitled "Why Beer History?" to The Session #89: Beer Blogging Friday.

"Today, breweries are just as vital to the neighborhoods they operate in as their predecessors were. Their legacies should be recorded and preserved for the future so all may know their contributions."

"Maureen O’Prey is a practicing historian in Baltimore, Maryland. O’Prey holds a Master’s Degree in Historical Studies from University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC). She has been teaching history at the collegiate level in Baltimore since 2004. She is active in the historical community with local museums and historical societies, organizing history programs and events, and as a historical lecturer throughout the state. In addition, O’Prey works fervently within the community documenting and compiling individual histories so they are not lost to future generations.

O’Prey has completed extensive research on the history of the brewing industry in Baltimore and throughout Maryland. The research has translated into her publication "Brewing in Baltimore,” which highlights the history of the first industry in the city and county of Baltimore, and in a recent historical documentary movie, “Brewmore Baltimore,” where she provides the historical framework for the film’s narrative journey through the brewing industry in Baltimore.

Currently, O’Prey is writing her next work examining the history of brewing in the state of Maryland, from its humble and rustic origins, to the modern era of craft brewing. Her interest in the origins and history of brewing was piqued by the resurgence of craft brewing in Maryland and the nation. This passionate line of study into the history of Maryland beer married beautifully with the abundant yet heretofore hidden photographic and documentary evidence she painstakingly unearthed, revealing a critical aspect of Mid Atlantic economic and social history."

O’Prey is pictured above, from a screenshot of the 2014 documentary film, Brewmore Baltimore.

Yelp’s Toga Party @ East Village
craft beer brewing
Image by
Credit: Shon Williams

Yelp’s Craft Beer Garden At The Butcher & Bullock
craft beer brewing
Image by
How do you defeat hump day? With local brew, poutine and kickin’ live tunes!
On May 22nd, the Vancouver Elites did just that!

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