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By | September 9, 2017

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Meet the people behind some of your favorite beers, at New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado. From contemporary classics like Fat Tire to newer-wave brews like sour beer La Folie, New Belgium shows that a team of the best people will make the best beer. This is a brewery that cares just as much about its people as its product. Biking, volleyball, beer after work—hey, can we work at New Belgium?

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25 thoughts on “Craft a Brew – BREWING

  1. AsianTankPilot

    My yeast didn't really start getting to until about 5 days. Now it's still got a steady bubble into my side glass, maybe 1 bubble / second. At what point should I switch to the airlock? I'm supposed to throw in some additional nibs tomorrow (one week) and may switch it then. Does the air lock still let air out of the carboy?

  2. david van den broek

    Dutch version of the White house honey ale has quite some spelling mistakes, besides that i'm glad to see that the fermentation goes quite well. i'm really curious if it tastes good because it's my first time brewing

  3. metalgodkill

    i so same glassbottle for sale 5 liters…..said under- not for food products….

  4. Jacob Neill

    I just bought this kit and finished my first setup. The instructions were easy. I just found this video (after I went through the instructions and setup!)… and guess what, I set it up correctly. Going to pull up a chair and stare at the bottle for the next two weeks.

  5. g0dbel0w

    I feel like that dude is so hipster, that he intentionally dyed his hair and beard white

  6. Bryon Lape

    I just uploaded my review of Fat Tire and this one came up as a suggestion. Glad my notice of its balance agrees with those who make it. Good stuff. Gonna watch more.

  7. Rick Brashear

    I respect this brewery's art and desire, but most all of their beers are just okay to me. Maybe they will get on board with a special line of "fully committed" type of beers instead of appealing to the masses.

  8. James Rick

    New Belgium beers are so average it's hard to even consider them craft

  9. ras124

    I'm contemplating growing a hipster beard, handlebar moustache and wearing a fedora, skinny jeans, what do ya think?

  10. Larangé Nicolas

    Foeder is Dutch, not French (6:15) nice try ! Both languages are spoken in Belgium though.

  11. john Murphy

    Sorry I said that. Good for you guys. I am trying to be more politically correct

  12. john Murphy

    Any people of color? I only saw white people!!! One of the most racist companies ya think? Huge lawsuit potential!!!!!

  13. Jerome Orange

    fuckin hell when are you munchies guys gonna understand that you need to go to belgium for some real beer action?

  14. Martin Degroot

    Le seul truc que je vois ici, c'est une brochette d'hipster de merde. Y en a pas un qui est Belge… Bande de suceur.

  15. Sam Anders

    Yeah, really crafty and artisanal sure, oh come on, where's the difference between this brewery and anheuser-bush or interbrew, VICE prostitutes itself for a few bucks.

  16. Adam Avina

    I was there about 4.5 years ago and this motherfuckin hipster pukes all over the bar…. The bartender said he wouldn't clean it because he wasn't certified in cleaning up body fluids. So the vomit just stayed there for like an hour until someone who was certified could clean it up. I'm still shaking my head at that.


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