Fourpure Brewing

By | October 27, 2017

Check out these craft beer brewing images:

Fourpure Brewing
craft beer brewing
Image by Bernt Rostad
View of shiny steel tanks and white malt bags in the warehouse in South Bermondsey, London, where Fourpure Brewing is located.

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“Dinner in the Beer Garden” & goodies (02)
craft beer brewing
Image by cizauskas
I received my copy of Dinner in the Beer Garden (by Lucy Saunders) with a box full of ‘goodies’ (packed by Larry’s Market, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin). All the items are used in various recipes in the beer-with-food cookbook. (Full disclosure: I was a supporter of the book’s publishing, via Kickstarter.)

7 March 2014.

Dinner in the Beer Garden
Saunders, Lucy. Milwaukee, WI: F&B Communications, LLC, 2014.
ISBN: 978-9-9769875-2-9

[See a close-up of the front cover: here.]

"Fruits, vegetables, and beer, enjoyed outdoors in gardens and social spaces. This book isn’t about traditional biergarten fare. It’s a cookbook for people who like carrots and kale —as well as butter, fish, cheese, and chocolate! Profiles of gorgeous brewery gardens and juicy color photographs illustrate more than 100 recipes with beer pairings.

Lucy Saunders thinks of beer as food. She has chronicled American brewing since 1987, and her work has been featured in SAVEUR, USA TODAY, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, WASHINGTON POST, and more. Saunders teaches cooking with beer classes and tastings, at the Siebel Institute, as well as festivals, the Craft Brewers Conference, and has judged at the Brussels Beer Challenge. She organizes water conservation events at, and lives in Milwaukee, WI."

Dinner in The Beer Garden is available for purchase via
* email at beergardenbook at gmail dot com
* toll-free phone on 800-760-5998.

An ecommerce site to follow soon.
More details on Facebook: DinnerInTheBeerGarden.

Photo by Yours For Good
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craft beer brewing
Image by raymondclarkeimages
Another one of my "Thumbs-Up" ales!

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