How to Brew Craft Beer at Home From Grain to Glass (Complete Process)

By | September 9, 2017

Aside from the fact that I incorporated some random ingredients from some kit beers, this is a typical all-grain beer brewing session for me. You asked for it, you got it; how to homebrew a great-tasting beer the Tim Kreitz way. Even after 18 years as a brewer, I never get tired of making my own flüssiges Brot. Cheers.

20 thoughts on “How to Brew Craft Beer at Home From Grain to Glass (Complete Process)

  1. RIDEwithGNR

    You said, "Beer!" Been moving and have not had much time to check out your videos. Hope all is going well for you and I am still in Midland. We ain't goin' no where soon.

  2. Riding Free

    Fantastic work as always Tim! Your handiwork never fails to leave me impressed and entertained! Definitely more of a lengthy and demanding process than how the inmates at my work make spud juice, but I'm sure that Belgian tastes a whole hell of a lot better than some spud!

  3. Gary Sealy

    Nice Vid. All about math and cleansing. Like that,says it all! Science is awesome! So is beer…….!

  4. MrAusAdventure

    Wow! That was complex! Very cool though. It makes me want to get back into home brewing again.

  5. Outdoorsnomad 03

    Loved the brewing video. Would be most interesting to get into. Love to see more about it. Never knew so much was involved though. Almost bought one of those do it your self kits at the retail stores. Glad I didn't. Looks like to do it proper you need a few more things.

  6. RideToVictory

    Both of those looked really good! I finally got around to watch this. I learned something new as well, I was taught to tea bag the grains, but I like the way you did it better.

  7. NONo443

    Brewing is this easy? I always thought it needed more complicated system, but even I can do this.

    Thank you, Tim.

  8. Bikes & Drones

    Didn't realise it was such a precise and time consuming science Tim. A dark farmhouse Belgium yum yum.

  9. MemphisMike

    MAN…what an interesting process…i am NOT a "Bud Light" Drinker at all….I patronize our Local Craft Beer makers heavily tho. I am a Heavy IPA guy myself…I can really appreciate the "craft" of making this…Great vid!

  10. Basia Today

    Hi Tim, this was a great tutorial on making beer! You made it very interesting and easy to follow!

  11. Malarkey

    Would you say this would be practical to attempt in a small apartment or no?

  12. Saul Moreno

    Nice video. Love the brewing process, even though I've never done it myself. Love beer too, but I'm sure that goes without saying. I already watch your content but videos about brewing or beer reviews would be the icing on the cake. Cheers, Tim!

  13. Ed Menard

    Awesome video Tim. Homebrewer here too. Just finished a Brew in a Bag IPA. Cheers!

  14. Echs One

    Quite the process and intresting to watch. I wouldn't mind more brewing vids. Maybe a video of some pointers for those of us that might want to get in to making our own brews would be nice. Me and my dad are thinking about it since he came back from a trip to Texas. lol


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