How to make great beer in 3 easy steps – Homebrewing made simple

By | September 17, 2017
Ever wanted to know how to make premium craft beer at home? Check out the simple three stage process to making your very own. We prefer not to call our craft, home brew…. and you will know why when you taste your very own hand crafted Pilsner, Lager, Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Wheat Beer, Cider or superbly rich and creamy Stout. Cheers

20 thoughts on “How to make great beer in 3 easy steps – Homebrewing made simple

  1. Tristan Harrison

    I would like to know can I use a pot and use the hot water from the pot as the kettle is not clean

  2. Christine Green

    hi i have got a tine of coopers1.7kg and some brewing yeast 7g do i need 2 get anything moor

  3. tredudon

    whats crafty about emptying prepackaged stuff in a container that does everything for you?


    I am trying to find simple easily available ingredients to make a not bad tasting beer,,I do not wish to use any kits or things like malted extracts or hops or things i do not understand nor can get at my local store,I want alternatives and substitutes to make a decent light beer,,the joy for me is to be able to make it from things that are readily available in any store,things like muslix cerelas or germ wheat etc and why do i need to use sugar extracted from barely or other malted grains(things i cannot ind at local stores)?? why not simply use pine extract or molasses and lots of cereals like i mentioned? can i not get a close enough beer flavour from such things? how about a substitute for hops like dark tea or maybe bay leafs etc? how about no bittering agents at all and more like a light mexican beer? can someone help me out with ideas please as i have yet to find anyone online making such beer without them having to use malt extracts or hops or some fucking kit(no point in making anything if your gonna rely on kits or products you cant easly find ),i hate having to use such things because there not available and because as a purist i prefer to make things from scratch rather than rely on pre made shit ,,thats the joy of making something from scratch and finding your own alternatives,,someone help me out here please 


    home brewing is easy if you know what you are doing and you seem to give good tips and advice with this video so well done How to make great beer in 3 easy steps – Homebrewing made simple

    Home Brewing Tips

  6. realbrewing

    yeah we had a great laugh about that as well.. I think Random sex music should play a bigger part in all our lives

  7. realbrewing

    good pick up…yeah I think so ..All I can say is Carl has very clean fingers

  8. realbrewing

    finished and wait 48 hours if that reading remains unchanged and the temperature is ok then it is ready to bottle.
    Finings are fine to use although I could never be bothered because when you use good quality yeast it clears naturally. Cheers

  9. MortalBane

    Way to put your fingers inside the fermenter and on the airlock after steralising them. Also did you steralise the paddle?

  10. Chris Norgarb

    What kind of gravity readings are you getting? Mine is sitting at 1020 at moment, and that's after 3 days. They recommend bottling at around 1008?
    I see you also don't use fining in order to make a more clear beer. What's you opinion on using that and when you would recommend? We discussing putting it in a day before bottling.

  11. likeslunch

    Whether it's cheaper depends on what type of beer you drink. If you're in the US and you drink cheap beer, then no, it's not more affordable. If you drink specialty beers and you can approximate their taste, then yes, it is more affordable. Time really depends on how all out you want to go. This guy could have set the carbonation process along with all of it and kegged it as opposed to using bottles. Honestly though it's typically 30 min of work, and a month of waiting.


    What are the ingredients? It was hard to listen the name of ingredients


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