Nice Craft Beer Brewing photos

By | December 16, 2018

Some cool craft beer brewing images:

Brewmasters Dinner at the Hop and Vine
craft beer brewing
Image by world of jan
Townsite Brewing’s Chloe Bryana Smith and Cedric Dauchot.
Full report:

S’muttonator Double Bock
craft beer brewing
Image by Scottb211
From their website:
"The ‘-ator’ suffix that’s found on the names of double bock beers around the world is one of the most respected traditions in a beer world that seems to be focused on ignoring standards and customs. Smuttynose is proud to adhere to that tradition in the naming, brewing methods and taste of S’muttonator Double Bock.

S’muttonator Double Bock displays the characteristically full malt flavor that can only come from using the best German specialty malts and a traditional decoction mashing technique. The extra effort also adds a lot of extra time to each batch, but that’s the only way to get the nuttiness, toffee notes and a characteristically smooth melanoidin character beer drinkers expect from a double bock. When you drink your S’muttonator, you’ll see that it’s time well spent."

9.8% ABV | Smuttynose Brewing Company, Hampton, New Hampshire

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