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By | November 15, 2017

Check out these craft beer brewing images:

Crazy hazy
craft beer brewing
Image by cizauskas
Two beers served at a bar in northern Virginia: On the left is a wheat beer, on the right, a pale ale. One of the beers was brewed in the Washington, D.C./ Baltimore metropolitan area. The other by a brewery in the midwest.

A growing minority of ‘craft’ beer drinkers is of the opinion that a bright, or ‘clear’ beer is a ‘bad’ beer while a hazy beer is a good one. And, by reductio ad absurdum, that the murkier the beer, the better.

A beer drinker ‘tastes’ a beer not only with her nose and taste buds, but with her eyes. No beer needs to be this turbid; this, despite the presence of yeast or proteins, can be a sign of an infection or other brewing problem. the pale ale tasted of old hops, almost ‘cheesey’ in aroma and flavor. These beers are examples of bad brewing and/or service. Their names have been redacted to protect the blameworthy.

Well-made cask-conditioned ales, which are UNFILTERED, appear bright when served. German-style hefe-weizens, even with yeast in suspension, aren’t this murky.

Undisclosed location.
northern Virginia
6 July 2012.

Photo by Yours For Good
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25th Ickworth Wood & Craft Fair 2014
craft beer brewing
Image by Dave Catchpole
25th Ickworth Wood & Craft Fair
A great day out on Sunday 5 October 2014, at the 25th Ickworth Wood and Craft Fair.
It all began in the in 1989 when after the great storm of 1987, the estate found it had significant tree damage and an excess of wood to dispose of. The first sales of wood were held in the empty shell that was the West Wing of Ickworth at the time, but it rapidly grew out of this space and moved outside. Today it’s evolved into a weekend for everyone to enjoy as woodcraft and many other country craft professionals and enthusiasts come together to demonstrate and sell their crafts. The fair includes live bands, locally brewed ales, pottery tent with raku firing, plenty of local foods and produce, wood demonstrations, craft stalls and children’s activities including archery to test your skills.
Ickworth Wood
This is a rare opportunity for wood professionals and enthusiasts to buy quality Ickworth wood milled from the estate. Choose from oak, ash, sycamore, cedar and cherry, ¼ sawn 1" to 2 ½" planks. The wood this year was naturally resourced after the recent storms, as well as felled within the management of the estate.
Specialist Wood Displays and Stalls
An opportunity to watch craftsmen at work turning British wood into unique pieces of art. A wide variety of stalls selling everything from handmade wooden puppets to tables, sculptures, rocking chairs and bird tables to windchimes.
Craft Stalls
Many stalls selling quality homemade and home restored items, by the stall holders. From tempting cakes to pretty jewellery. The perfect time to for early buying of Christmas presents that will impress everyone and that are not available on the high street.
Eating and Drinking Stalls
A wide variety to choose from. From hog roast, hot dogs or possibly a jacket potato, together with a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade or maybe a beer to wash it all down. The chance to take some local brewed St Peter’s beer home or home brewed ciders.
A visit the pottery tent where the Anglian potters could be found, selling a wide variety of beautiful handmade products including raku fired pieces. You could also see the Raku firing kiln and learn all about the art of pottery with live ‘throwing wheel’ demonstrations.
There were a number of other pottery stalls where you could admire the skills of the stall holders and purchase the items they’ve made. You could even add your own designs to a plate which would be fired and sent to you. A lovely momento to remember the day.
‘Oliver’ Steam Traction Engine
Oliver the ‘Little Ruston’ steam traction engine opened and closed the fair with his arrival and departure tooting his horn. Watching the engine at work sawing wood, a fantastic opportunity to step back in time and reminisce about bygone days.

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