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By | January 11, 2018

Check out these craft beer brewing images:

Grissini al proscuitto
craft beer brewing
Image by LexnGer
Another great event we attended this summer was the Craft Beer Festival & Summer BBQ at Hart House. Held in the Hart House Courtyard, the place was packed with a wide range of beer affectionados ranging from the beer-by-quantity university crowd to the beer-by-quality tasters & sippers. I’m not entirely sure which team we’re on… perhaps both.

Mirella Amato, Toronto’s Cultural Craft Beer Expert ran a series of beer-education tips and ran through a fascinating history of Beer in Ontario.

Participating Craft Breweries:
Great Lakes Brewery •Grand River Brewing•Cool Beer Brewing Company Inc.•Creemore Springs Brewery•Mill St. Brewery•Wellington Brewing Company•Cameron’s Brewing Company•Big Rock Brewery• F&M Brewery•Barley Days•Black Oak Brewery •Hockley Valley Brewing

There’s a great pre-event write-up on TasteTo who were also in attendance.

Disclosure: I got comped entrance by the organisers and it turned out that our cousin Ben was part of the catering crew.

101_0033 One Too Many
craft beer brewing
Image by Rojer
Pre-Christmas Taste Fest.
These are beers or the world and winter brews, mostly purchased from World Market.
Many of these beers have a strong bitter hop flavor.
Most are not extraordinary , with two notable excepts.
The one that claims to be the most extraordinary – yuck!
And the Pumpkin Ale was very refreshing – I was pleasantly surprised.
Samichlan bier, Spaten Munich Optimator, Dixie Lager Black Voodoo, Pyramid Snow Cap, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery Pumpkin Ale, Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, Buffalo Bill’s Brewery Blueberry Oatmeal Stout, Anderson Valley Big Sky Powder Hound, Boonville Beer Winter Solstice, Medocino Seasonal Imperial IPA Limited Edition, Full Sail Wassail, Mac’s Blackwatch Porter, Dinkel Acker Dark (I like this one), He’Brew – "The Chosen Beer" Messiah Bold, New Belgium Sunshine, New Belgium 1554, Paulaner Hefe-Weizen.

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