8 thoughts on “Part 1 of 2 – Four Peaks Brewery – Brewing Process with Brewmaster Andy Ingram

  1. Greg Krsak

    This is a great video! Have you talked with Pike Brewing about the name "Kilt Lifter"?

  2. skylash

    very nice presentation of the brewing process, simplified yet scientific. you didn't miss a step. love to try your beers!

  3. jj coolj

    Drinking an all grain home brew right now! Its a great an in depth hobby.

  4. herbprophet

    @donnnyplato1 yea it does esp. the kilt lifter 6.0 abv baby.

  5. NOnameSucka23

    Im drunk off there beers right now. Everyone who lives in In arizona knows about this delicious beer and know's its way better then budweiser. This beer tastes good and gets you drunk


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