Pavilion Bar – 100 taps – Craft Brewers Conference 2008

By | March 12, 2018

Some cool craft beer brewing images:

Pavilion Bar – 100 taps – Craft Brewers Conference 2008
craft beer brewing
Image by epicbeer

Nøisom Corvus
craft beer brewing
Image by Bernt Rostad
A bottle of Corvus Saison Imperial Stout from Nøisom Craft Beer in Fredrikstad at Bergen Ølfestival 2014.

Nøisom Corvus is something as unusual as a saison imperial stout, two styles of beer I never thought would mix, clocking in at 10.2% abv. It poured pitch black with a brown head. It did really have a fruit and spicy saison smell to it, but with black chocolate underneath. Mouthfeel was full bodied, thick and creamy. The taste had a round, elegant sweetness with dark chocolate and coffee notes but not much of the saison. Overall a surprisingly tasty beer. Well done, Nøisom!

Nøisom Craft Beer was founded by six homebrewers from Fredrikstad in 2012, they opened up a pilot brewery in August 2013 with Stig Lundh as head brewer. They can’t brew large batches on their pilot plant, so their beer isn’t widely available yet, but that will soon change as they’ve recently acquired the Sundland brewery from HaandBryggeriet, who just opened up a shiny, new brewery on Brakerøya.

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craft beer brewing
Image by uyht

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