San Diego Brewers on The Craft Beer Capital of America

By | September 6, 2017

Brewing legends Mike Hinkley (Green Flash Brewing Company), Vince Marsaglia (Pizza Port Brewing Company) and Doug Constantiner (Societe Brewing Company) discuss why San Diego is the Craft Beer Capital of America. Raise a glass to more than 115 breweries and tons of hoppy West Coast-style IPAs.

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Craft a brew - The Catalyst Fermentation System

The Catalyst Fermentation System is an innovative piece of homebrewing equipment that simplifies the fermentation process, making it easier than ever to make great beer at home.

We’ve taken features seen only in high-end, professional brewing equipment and integrated them into a compact homebrewing system that is both functional and elegant.

20 thoughts on “San Diego Brewers on The Craft Beer Capital of America

  1. Run The Atlas

    So cool! Just subbed. My favorite is ballast Point brewery- amazing tasting room in San Diego, vlog in my channel 🎥🍺

  2. The Pint of No Return-For Craft Beer Lovers

    Just subscribed. Love the focus on San Diego craft beers and brewers. The 3 member panel taste test was nutty. Maybe you'll be interested in my off the wall craft beer reviews? Click on my name and you'll see we're churning in the same wheelhouse!

  3. Craftbeer Style

    Craft beer has really taken of throughout the world. Great to see that!

  4. The Perfect Pour - Craft Beer Show

    Rad video! Love seeing a couple of craft beer Gods tasting beer!

  5. Craig Clark

    I wish that these guys would have paid a bit of Homage to the Pacific Northwest bringing the hops to hoppy beer 20 years ago, Rogue was pretty much really the 1st brewery that I can remember that really hop started the Hop movement then others followed suit.

  6. mel p

    Coming all the way from South Australia to San Diego in a couple of months because of the beer culture in SD. Can't wait!


    What about cold crashing? Can this fermentation system be placed in a fridge and taken down to 34-38 degrees without cracking?

  8. Brian M

    I just bought one from Northern Brewer. I can't wait to use it! 🙂

  9. Chris James

    idea is great but I don't think it would hold up like my stainless conicals……will you have a temp control system eventually?

  10. Steven Johnson

    Fantastic idea! As a professional mechanic sense 1970 I know the value of saving steps in the process wherever I can.
    What size stopper does it use? I would like to use a thermowell device in the stopper as well as the air lock.

  11. Chris Delisa

    Looks great! My only concern is that opening the valve might suck oxygen from the jar, into the beer. Am I mistaken about this?


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