Stoke’s Law!

By | July 8, 2018

Some cool craft beer brewing images:

Stoke’s Law!
craft beer brewing
Image by cizauskas
No need for a murky beer to be a good-tasting beer!

"The rate of sedimentation of an idealized spherical particle in a liquid is directly proportional to the difference in the density of the particle and the liquid medium, the acceleration due to gravity, and the square of the radius of the particle, and inversely proportional to the viscosity of the liquid. "
BSG Craft Brewing .

In other words, particles in a liquid settle naturally under the influence of gravity. If beer is left alone for a sufficient amount of time, it will clarify itself.

Igneous IPA (6.3% alcohol-by-volume), on draught in the taproom, at

Hutton & Smith Brewery
Chattanooga, Tennessee
30 January 2016.
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Photo by Yours For Good
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Yelp’s Athletes Vs. Mathletes Open Party @ Crabtree Tavern
craft beer brewing
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Credit: Shon Digital Photography

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